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We help our clients simplify their complex financial issues. Our advisors can help with tax mitigation strategies, wealth transfer, wealth preservation, retirement and estate planning strategies.


With finances commonly being a sensitive topic, many people don’t even tell those closest to them all the details of their financial life, yet many family, friends, associates, and advisors are willing to offer financial advice without knowing anything about one’s financial situation. It is imperative that the person giving the advice has all of the pertinent information, such as needs, wants, income, assets, and debts before offering any investment recommendations or financial advice.

In the industry, this is called the “know your customer rule.” We take this rule seriously, not only because it is mandated, but because we know that we can serve you better by really understanding you. That is why we begin our relationship by taking the time to find out what really matters to you through what we call a “Connect Meeting.”

Something we have learned over the many years of helping our clients is that money is simply the means to help you do what you want to do and be who you want to be. Like a doctor who asks you lots of questions to determine your health, we will also ask you questions that help us build a complete profile of you, your goals, and the steps you have taken so far.


How nice would it be if you could walk into a doctor’s office and walk out with a detailed report that shows you a grade of every aspect of your physical health and provides specific tasks to help you be healthier in each category? This is what we aim to provide you during our Harness meeting. After our Connect meeting, we build a wealth management report card which takes into account your financial health in the four main categories of financial wellness: Goals & Objectives, Investments & Resources, Tax & Risk Management, and Estate Planning. It is during this second meeting that we review your score in detail and provide you with action items that will help you raise your score in each category.

It is this level of detail that helps us create customized recommendations or actions items for our clients and helps set us apart from our competitors. It is this stage in the process that we determine if we are able to add any value to what you have done and if our firm is a good fit for what you need.


Every person’s wealth management score is different and our solutions vary depending on what we have learned about you. If it is determined in the Harness meeting that we are a good fit, then we will help you “Pursue” your action items by creating a customized financial plan to help you move through the process of attaining a higher level of financial health and develop a plan designed to help you reach both your short- and long-term goals. The plan is developed with your priorities in mind and is based on your most urgent needs. We utilize in-person, phone, and web-based conferences to help you address each concern, make customized recommendations and get you on track.

For clients with more complex scenarios, we collaborate with a professional panel, which consists of a number of financial advisors, attorneys, CPAs, insurance and Medicare specialists who all collaborate with the goal to provide a comprehensive analysis and recommendations which are solely for your benefit. It is rare to have a team of these types of professionals all in one place with the sole purpose of helping a common client reach their goals, but it is a common practice in our office. We believe this sets us apart from our competitors.


What makes wealth management so interesting is that wealth is dynamic. Life is ever changing and with that change comes new challenges and opportunities. We see geo-political landscapes change the investment environment. Political agendas create change in tax code for individuals and businesses. Technological advances can create efficiencies and new jobs while at the same time destroy industries as old tech becomes obsolete. Advances in healthcare and trends towards healthier living are helping people live longer. As our world changes, whether you like it or not, so does your plan. With our advanced planning capabilities, we help you not only create a plan, but also make the adjustments to that plan as your needs and the world changes.

One of the most important aspects of planning is that you continually adjust, move forward and progress. Our “Progress” meeting is aimed to do exactly that. We meet with our clients at least once a year to revisit the plan, make updates, consider new scenarios, set new action items, and move forward.



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