Giving back has always been important to me and that’s why I’ve always been proud to be a part of the Livastride Foundation.  Billy started Livastride about 11 years ago in the memory of his late brother, Brody.  Livastride has provided scholarships, helped families in need, hosted baseball tournaments for youth and provided an annual Financial Literacy Bootcamp just to name a few things.  I’ve been involved in all of them, but I have to say my personal favorite is the Financial Bootcamp because I believe it makes the biggest impact on our community and young adults.

Our first Bootcamps started with just a few kids maybe 15-25 in a conference room.  We have now expanded to 400-500 high school students for an all-day event at Weber State University.  Local high schools have made a field trip out of our event for their students and its gaining a lot of traction.  I know we are making an impact because the teachers tell us that they want to come back the next year in order for new students to have the same experience.  We spend that day teaching kids the basics of investing, avoiding debt, various forms of taxation and what to look for in a potential employer.  Other classes offered include overcoming adversity, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and what to expect at college.  After we finish our talk nothing is more satisfying than having a student ask more questions or want more information.  That’s when I know we changed someone’s life for the better.

Once the classes wrap up we all congregate back to the main ballroom for a keynote speaker.  We have had a range of speakers; from business owners to professional athletes (even a pro steer wrestler).  After the keynote speaker we have a professional panel of four local successful individuals.  Their occupations vary greatly. Some are C-Level Executives, business owners, athletes, realtors, graphic designers etc.  The panel is moderated by Billy and he asks them questions for the benefit of the students that will hopefully help them with the path they choose.  Students are then offered the opportunity to step up and ask questions of the panel.  You would be amazed at how interested the kids are and the questions they ask.

The Bootcamp is such a great giveback and we look forward to hosting it for years to come.  We believe it is a unique program that isn’t offered anywhere.  Of the thousands of students we have talked to I’m certain we have influenced many of them to make better financial, career and life choices.


Raymond James is not affiliated with Livastride.

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