Many of you are aware that I became a dad to two beautiful twin girls in September of 2017.  The moment Quinn and Sloane were born and I held them in my hands they became the light of my life. People always told me, but I never really understood, that having kids will change you and your priorities immediately shift to their best interest.  I can now attest that is one of the truest statements I have ever been told.

However, as you can imagine, Kate and I are juggling a lot right now.  Having two toddlers at home can be quite the task.  We have a pretty good system going, but the system requires both of us working together at all times.  I’ve learned that you have to take time out and take care of yourself too or you’ll end up burning your candle at both ends!  You have to maintain a balance in your life.  Every day I try to set aside an hour or so to either exercise, watch a favorite show or spend time with friends and family.  I find doing this boosts my energy levels and recharges my battery.  Keeping the balance is not only good for myself, but it’s even better for my family because they rely on me so much now.

I can say that the same type of balance needs to be recognized as investors too.  Often investors become overly stressed out by worrying about their portfolios so much that they take the fun out of having their money grow.  No matter the market conditions I hear the same concerns.  In down markets I hear “We will never be back above water, this time it’s different.”  In flat markets I hear “I don’t think this market will ever go up again.”  In up markets I hear “We’ve never been this high before, it has to crash.”  I can understand those concerns and we talk with our clients daily about them, however, we take a different approach.  In down markets we think “How can we position clients to take advantage of a recovery?”  In flat markets we say “What can we do to generate income and find potential growth opportunities?” In up markets we say “What sectors might be getting overvalued and how should we adjust client portfolios?”  I believe our clients know this is our approach and we take the job they’ve entrusted us with very seriously.

If I could give any investor some free advice it would be to enjoy the journey.  Know going in there will be good markets and bad and rely on the advice of your advisor.  Long-term investing has continually shown to pay off.  It’s the short-term emotional decisions that can throw you off track.  Maintain your balance as an investor, do not get caught up in the day to day turmoil in the news.  Review your holdings with us or your trusted advisor to re-energize your conviction in the investments you own.  We cannot control markets so focus on what you can control which is asset allocation, saving, spending and withdrawal strategies to name a few.  If you feel that you might like to review your investment strategy to bring balance back into your financial life, please give us a call to schedule your review.

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