Did you know that one of our specialties at Peterson Wealth Service is helping Financially Independent Women achieve their financial goals? The advisors at Peterson Wealth Services are the go to resource for women who may be dealing with one of the three D’s: Death, Divorce or Departure. We have the resources and experience to help in a very emotional life transition. We want to help our clients get organized in all areas, more specifically their financial, emotional and physical lives. We are able to help them put a plan in place to answer an important question on their mind “Am I going to be ok?”
Death: Losing a spouse is one of the most traumatic events that one may experience in their lifetime. Our advisors have helped many women transition through this very difficult time.
Divorce: In a time when emotions run high, making the wrong decision can have lasting effects on a person’s long term financial stability. To help ease the stress of unknowns, our advisors can analyze different proposals and help you decide which assets may be the most appropriate, what the most equitable divorce settlement will look like and what amount of support is warranted.
Departure: Leaving a job or selling a business can lead to questions about the future. What are your options with retirement funds? How will you replace an income if you sell your business? Our advisors have helped many women answer these difficult questions and many more. Let us help you so you can focus on your next career move or maybe even retirement.
Please keep us top of mind when talking to your friends and family. We are always willing to meet and discuss each individual situation.

Raymond James Financial Services, Inc and its advisors do not provide advice on legal issues, these matters should be discussed with a legal professional.

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