Harnessing Your Wealth: The Pursuit of Millionaire Status

Billy Peterson makes his debut as an author in the new book Harnessing Your Wealth: The Pursuit of Millionaire Status.



Do you want to become a millionaire?

For most of us, the answer is an unqualified yes.

But when asked if you’ll become a millionaire, the ground gets a little shaky. In a world where retirement rules are constantly changing and more responsibility falls upon individuals to make their own financial decisions, confusion abounds.

Enter Billy Peterson, former jockey and current financial professional. Weaving in relevant stories about his life experiences as a jockey and financial planner, Billy offers down-to-earth explanations and advice to help you pursue your financial dreams.




In Harnessing Your Wealth, you will learn:

  • The magic of compound interest
  • Why diversification matters
  • How to find the right financial advisor for you
  • The difference between tax-deferred and tax-free investing
  • Investing versus speculating: how to take emotions out of the equation
  • Stocks: when to buy and when to sell — and much more

When you apply Billy’s wisdom and wealth of insights, this book may forever change the direction of your financial future.


The information contained in this book does not purport to be a complete description of the securities, markets, or developments referred to in this material. The information has been obtained from sources considered to be reliable, but we do not guarantee that the foregoing material is accurate or complete. Any information is not a complete summary or statement of all available data necessary for making an investment decision and does not constitute a recommendation. Any opinions of the chapter authors are those of the chapter author and not necessarily those of Raymond James. Expressions of opinion are as of the initial book publishing date and are subject to change without notice. Past performance may not be indicative of future results. You should discuss any tax or legal matters with the appropriate professional.

Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. is not responsible for the consequences of any particular transaction or investment decision based on the content of this book. All financial, retirement and estate planning should be individualized as each person’s situation is unique.


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